an opensource mysql connection kit for virtools  

welcome to the mysqlBB project

The mysqlBB project aims to create a set of buildingblocks (plugins) that will allow for games made in the game-creation software "virtools" to have mySQL connectivity, making persisitent games and such possible.

These BBs are written by myself, my very first steps into c++ land.
The sourcecode can be downloaded via CVS (which I recommend instead of the sourcepackage) and I invite anybody who is interested, to participate. Either in coding or in thinking about the design of the connectivity kit as a whole.

This project started at the 25th of july 2002, so development is pretty fresh. However, I released a couple of buildingblocks (BBs) that have the rudimentary connectivity I needed for now.

these BBs are:

  • mysql cell reader: a standalone BB that will read just a single cell from a table and output it as a string
  • mysql database selector: the BB that holds the user, the password, the nostname and the databasename, to be used together with the Table Sync BB (and prob. others in the future)
  • mysql Table Sync: reads the databse info from DatabaseSelector BB via the target parameter (don't forget to add the target parameter in the first place) and depending on the input activated it will:
    • generate a dynamic array with the structure (only string columns for now) and data of the mysql table.
      refresh the dynamic array with the data of the mysql table
      write the dynamic array to the mysql table

    the design of and the communication between the databaseSelectorBB and the tableSyncBB leave a lot to be desired, databaseSelectorBB just creates a dynamic array that tableSyncBB reads, this must be fixed with a manager.